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The Best Exercises for Older Adults to Prevent Falls

According to the CDC, an alarming 14 million older adults report falling each year. These falls can lead to a serious injury, but even when they don’t, the person can develop a fear of falling. This can lead to a reduction in physical activity, a fear of going out and being social, and even a greater risk of experiencing another fall.


In our previous blog post, we shared home modifications that can reduce the risk of a senior fall. There are also some great exercises for older adults to prevent falls by increasing muscle strength, improving balance, and boosting confidence and overall wellbeing. Check with the person’s doctor first, and then give these exercises a try:

  • Calf Muscle Strengthening: Holding onto a chair, counter, or wall, rise up and down on tiptoes. As strength is increased, try to rise higher up on the toes.
  • Flex and Point: From a seated position, point the toes and then flex them. Repeat several times with both feet.
  • Leg Lifts: Using a secure object like a countertop or chair to maintain balance, lift the knee as high as your hip (if possible). Hold for at least three seconds, then lower the leg.
  • One-Legged Stand: While holding onto a grab bar or other secure object, lift one leg off the floor. Hold this pose and maintain balance on the standing leg.
  • Shin Muscle Strengthening: Stand and lean against a wall for support, with heels seven to eight inches from the wall. Lift the toes of both feet off the floor as high as possible.
  • Sit-to-Stand: Holding on to a sturdy chair for support, stand up and then sit back down. Repeat ten times. Try to decrease reliance on the chair as legs get stronger.
  • Toe Taps: While seated, simply tap the toes against the floor.


A fall at home can be devastating for an older loved one. As one of the leading non-medical care agencies in Stamford, Westport, Darien, and throughout Lower Fairfield County, our team is equipped to help older adults get the exercise they need to stay fit and active as they age. We can also help with home modifications to ensure that the home is safe and secure.


Reach out to us any time at 203-532-0500  to learn more about our companion care and homemaking services and how we can help someone you love stay safe at home.

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