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Home Modifications to Prevent Falls for Seniors

A wooden model of a person is about to trip on a marble, symbolizing the need to prevent falls for seniors.
Prevent falls for seniors with some simple adaptations to the home.

Living at home throughout aging is a wonderful thing. However, the risk of experiencing a fall in the home is a significant concern for older adults. A slip in the bathroom could lead to a fracture, broken bone, or worse. Although a fracture may seem relatively mild, as many as one in four older adults who experience a fractured hip pass away within six months of the injury. This is why it is vitally important to take steps to prevent falls for seniors at home.


Thankfully, there are some simple home modifications that can create a safer environment and prevent falls for older loved ones. This guide can help you assess the home of someone you love and take steps to adapt it accordingly.

  • Bathroom:
    • Utilize a padded bath or shower seat.
    • Place grab bars on the walls in the tub or shower and beside the toilet. These need to be strong enough to support the full weight of an adult.
    • Add slip-proof strips or mats within and around the tub.
    • Install a hand-held, portable shower head.
    • Replace bottles of shower gel or bar soap with a wall-mounted liquid soap dispenser in the shower.
  • Lighting:
    • Ensure there is plenty of lighting throughout the home.
    • Install motion detector lights or nightlights to make walkways around the home easier to see at night.
    • Make sure there are no electrical cords across walking paths.
  • Floors:
    • Consider replacing thick carpeting with low pile carpet or slip-proof tile.
    • Clear away any clutter from walkways.
    • Remove throw rugs or secure them with non-slip tape.
    • Never use floor polish.

Along with these modifications, there are a number of products that can also be used to prevent falls for seniors at home. For instance:

  • Bedrails: Falls often occur at night as older adults attempt to get out of bed to use the bathroom or move around the home. Bedrails help older individuals stand up from a lying down position more safely.
  • Door Alarms: There are certain health conditions, like Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia, that lead to wandering in older loved ones. Door alarms can alert family caregivers that the person is moving around and may be in danger of a fall.
  • Home Monitoring Systems: In-home monitoring systems provide family members with the ability to keep track of an older loved one’s movements in the home. Sensors can be installed all around the home, and some offer people the ability to call for help in the event of a fall or other emergency.
  • Fall Prevention Footwear: There are special shoes that include rubber grips on the soles to help reduce the risk for slipping. These are a simple and effective way to help those who are at an increased risk for falls. Additionally, waterproof, slip-resistant socks are available for older adults to wear to prevent falls while showering.

The majority of older adults prefer to age in place in the comfort of home as opposed to moving into an assisted living facility, which means it’s vitally important to ensure the home is safe and secure.


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