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How to Keep Seniors Busy and Entertained in Times of Quarantine?

Keeping seniors and the elderly population busy with mental enrichment is always important, but with all that’s going on with the novel COVID-19, social interaction has come to a halt. Keeping social and maintaining relationships is deeply important for our well-being, and it keeps seniors mentally active and healthy. Due...
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How to Tell When Your Loved One Needs Home Care
Loving home care provided by Sterling Care

Are you the primary caregiver of aging parents? Are you concerned that a parent spends too much time alone because you are working? You feel guilty that you cannot spend more time with them. Is mom getting in and out of the bathtub safely? You wonder if she is getting...
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The Top 3 Age Friendly Apps: Watch this Video on Technology For Older Adults

  Watch this video by expert, Brittany Weinberg, MBA, MSG, Healthy Aging Strategist for Sterling Care. Brittany recommends the top 3 apps for you or your loved one because Sterling Care is always on the forefront of helping seniors age in place longer and more comfortably. With advances in technology,...
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How To Recover From Surgery Like a Professional

How to Recover From surgery Like a Professional By Casey Schack, PT, CSCS, Cert-MDT Supervisor of Therapy Services for Sterling Care, Licensed Physical Therapist   Any type of surgery, be it a simple day procedure or a more complex procedure with a hospital stay, is not easy. However, acquiring pre-surgery...
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Technology Reimagined in an Age-Friendly Way

  By Steven B. Katz, JD, MBA, LLM, MPH, CPA, CMC, CDP, FACHE and Brittany C.S. Weinberg, MBA, MSG When we think of ‘technology’ we might imagine the latest smartwatch, fitness tracker, smart home technologies, self-driving cars, or other devices that we have seamlessly incorporated into our lives. For many...
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Taking Care of Forgetful Loved Ones
Is mom more forgetful?

We’ve just ended the holiday season. I hope you and your families shared some wonderful gatherings and events. It’s during this holiday season that we might notice significant changes in our spouse or loved one. Perhaps your spouse is forgetting certain things, tasks, or people. Forgetfulness is sometimes just that....
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Take Care of Yourself During the Holidays
Create Your Own Calm

Let’s face it. The holidays can be exhausting, right?. We shop, run errands, attend parties, cook, wrap gifts, send holiday cards and travel. As holiday activities fill up our time, we tend to put taking care of ourselves on the back burner, believing that we’ll be fine. However, we often...
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Are We Underestimating How Much Help Aging Parents Need At Home?
happy elderly couple

  I cannot tell you how often this issue comes up with families who seek care for their parents. Families very often do not understand how much care an aging parent will need, and that giving quality care to a senior is not the same as hiring a babysitter for...
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Sterling Care Provides Tips on How to Create a Memorable Mother’s Day Celebration for a Mom with Alzheimer’s
Home care

Holidays can be the most challenging times for families whose loved one has Alzheimer’s or a related condition. Past traditions fall by the wayside and seem to highlight all that has been lost. That’s why Sterling Care is providing these tips to help families celebrate Mom, even as she and...
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Osteoporosis and Aging
Elderly Exercise

Bones feel solid, but the inside of a bone is actually filled with holes like a honeycomb. Bone tissues are broken down and rebuilt all the time. While some cells build new bone tissue, others dissolve bone and release the minerals inside. As we get older, we begin to lose...
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Facts about Behavior-Calming Drug for Alzheimer’s Patients
Pills drugs white

University of Michigan researchers agree that caregiver interventions are far superior to medication when it comes to managing the troubling behaviors of Alzheimer’s disease. But, they point out; caregiver training should be incentivized through reimbursement. Read about their DICE approach here. Copyright © AgeWise, 2015...
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The Benefits of Socializing for Seniors
Seniors Gardening

How important is socializing as the person ages? Can lack of socialization truly hold back a person’s overall quality of life? This question seems easy to answer. Majority of the people will not really pick seclusion and loneliness over socializing with others. Studies show that some form of active socialization...
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