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Caring for the Caregiver

Home careThe New York Times recently wrote a wonderful article on Caring for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver which you can read here.  It is a wonderful article on the sacrifices that caregivers make to take care of those that they care for.  The truth is that a caregiver who takes care of a loved one with any serious chronic disease for a prolong period of time has to face similar challenges.  At Sterling Care we pioneered the concept of holistic homecare which is based on our model of providing both the person who is cared for and the caregiver the highest quality of life possible by attending to the whole person body, mind and spirit.  The article notes the importance of working with a team of health care professional to prescribe activities that patients and caregivers can do together  activities that patients and caregivers can do together abilities, needs and interests resulting is patients who are calmer, safer and more engaged, and caregivers who are less stressed.  This has been the cornerstone of Sterling Care’s holistic homecare model since our inception in 2009.  What sets us apart from our competitors is we have an internal team of nurses, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, medical social workers, geriatric care managers and high trained caregivers that work together to make this happen for all of our clients not just at the inception of the care but throughout the entire time we provide care for a client.  This is why we have a nurse not only assess the client at the beginning of the care and orient our caregivers onsite to each and every case but use the medical model of supervising our caregivers every two weeks to make sure that they are doing activities listed in our plans of care to engage our clients, to check the well being of both the client and the caregiver and to provide additional support for our own caregivers and the  family members of our clients.

At Sterling Care we focus on providing each client with the highest quality of life possible by caring for the whole person body, mind and spirit and by making sure we also regularly check and care for our own Sterling caregivers.  There are few companies that have the internal multidisciplinary staff of health care professionals that can do what we do for our clients, who truly embrace our belief in holistic homecare to care for our clients and their caregivers and who in reality put the time, effort and expense into executing a holistic homecare model not only when a client first comes on board but throughout the time that that they are caring for the client, their family and their caregivers.

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