What’s in an Exercise Program

An exercise program includes more than just your daily activity. Be sure to warm up before you start and cool down when you’re done. Also include exercises to strengthen your muscles 2 or 3 days a week.

Talk to a health care provider to learn about the best strength-building exercises for you.

Woman in comfortable clothes leaning hands against tree with left leg stretched behind her, feet flat on the ground. Multiple images of woman walking briskly. Woman holding on to bench standing on left leg, bending right knee, raising foot to the back, and holding right foot.

The goal for adults is 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week or about 30 minutes at least five days per week. This can be done as three, 10-minute sessions per day if preferred. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, and biking are all types of moderate-intensity exercise that can be beneficial.


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