Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction (Implants)

Surgery for erectile dysfunction is not common, but it may be the best treatment in some cases. During surgery, your doctor places an implant (also called a prosthesis) inside the spongy chambers of your penis. Then, the implant can be used to provide an erection.

Side view of penis with malleable implant in place, outline shows relaxed position.

Side view of penis with pump inflatable implant inside.

Mechanical implants

This type of implant is easy to use. Bendable rods can make your penis appear erect. When not in use, the rods can be bent downward. Some implants have joints that lock into position.

Inflatable implants

This is the most complex type of implant. It allows your penis to look and feel either erect or flaccid. You pump fluid from a storage bulb to make your penis erect. A release valve makes your penis flaccid again. Using the device properly takes some skill and practice.


Risks and complications

  • Infection

  • Bleeding

  • Failure or leakage of the prosthesis


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