Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Do you want to have more fun, to fit in, to feel great? If you think it’s as easy as snorting cocaine, you’re fooling yourself. The more you regularly rely on cocaine to get you “up,” the closer you move toward addiction. If you decide you are on the path to addiction, you can take action to change your behavior and find caring people to help you.

Check your addiction level

You may think cocaine helps you work faster and more creatively. But with repeated use, cocaine actually leads to decreased performance. Cocaine may also cause emotional problems (such as depression), seizures, and heart attacks. Read the following statements and check “yes” or “no.” Answering “yes” to 3 or more questions may be a signal that cocaine is taking over your life.




Have you ever used cocaine to help you function better?

Do you do things under the influence of cocaine that you wouldn’t normally do?

Have you seriously thought that you might have a chemical dependency problem?

Do you look forward to using cocaine?

Do you spend more and more time with other people who use cocaine?

Do you get anxious when you’re out of cocaine?

Do you find it difficult to enjoy life without cocaine?

Have people ever confronted you about your cocaine use?

Have you ever missed work or a social occasion because of cocaine use?

Has your cocaine use ever caused you financial strain?

Is your cocaine use interfering with your sleep or causing irritability?


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