Recovering from Addiction: Continuing with Counseling

The road to recovery can be tough. But working with a counselor can help make your recovery smoother and keep you on track. A counselor can help you decide which lifestyle changes you want to make to stay sober. Also, consider talking with a counselor about other issues you may want to work on. He or she can help you find resources for anger management, problem-solving skills, or assertiveness training.

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Be aware of your triggers

Triggers are things that make you want to use again. They can be people you used with or places, things, and events that make you want to use. Stress and feelings like loneliness, anxiety, or depression can also make you want to use again. When you know what your triggers are, you can plan ways to avoid them when possible. To find your triggers, get a piece of paper. List the people, places, events, or feelings that could make you want to use again. Keep this paper. Add to it as needed. Once you have a full list, decide how to cope with these triggers without using.

Getting help

Once you admit that you have a substance abuse problem, there are many ways to find help.

  • Contact your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Human Resources department.

  • Talk to your primary care doctor and ask for a referral to an addiction specialist for an evaluation.

  • Look in the white pages of your phone book for local chapters of these groups:

    • Alcoholics Anonymous

    • Cocaine Anonymous

    • Marijuana Anonymous

    • Narcotics Anonymous

    • SMART Recovery

  • Look in the yellow pages of your phone book under 1 of the following:

    • Alcoholism Information and Treatment Center

    • Drug Abuse and Addiction Information and Treatment Center

  • Look online for treatment centers near you:

    • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s “treatment finder”: http://

  • Contact 1 of these national groups:

    • National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence  800-622-2255

    • National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral Service  800-662-HELP (800-662-4357) 


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