Penile Self-Injection: Notes and Precautions

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Penile self-injection is a simple technique that may improve your sex life. Some men even find that self-injection leads to an increase in natural erections. If you have questions or concerns about self-injection or erectile dysfunction (ED), talk to your healthcare provider. The information on this sheet will help you get the best results.

Notes about penile self-injection

  • You may feel a mild burning during injection. This is okay. But if you feel pressure or severe pain, stop the injection. There may be a problem with the injection site.

  • Only inject the medication on the side of your penis. It may not work if injected elsewhere.

  • To prevent scarring, inject in a different spot each time.

  • Don’t use this treatment if you have a bleeding disorder or any risk of infection.

  • Get medical help right away if your erection lasts longer than 3–4 hours.

Work with your healthcare provider

Ask how often you can safely repeat injections, as well as any other questions you have. You and your healthcare provider will talk about follow-up exams and how to get supplies. If the medication doesn’t work or stops working over time, tell your healthcare provider.

Call your healthcare provider if you have:

  • An erection that lasts longer than 3–4  hours

  • Bleeding or bruising

  • Severe pain

  • Scarring or curvature of the penis


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