Monthly Mole Check Chart

To do your monthly mole check, make copies of this chart. Then, fill in the date, the number of moles on each part of your body, and a description of each mole. For moles on your back or other areas you can’t see, have a family member or friend do this for you. Be sure to use the ABCDEs of skin checks. This means checking moles for

  • Asymmetry (1 half looks different than the other half)

  • Border (regular is good, irregular is bad)

  • Color (varies from 1 area to another and may be tan, brown, or black)

  • Diameter (bigger than a pencil eraser)

  • Evolving (changing in size, shape, or color). 

Keep all of your completed charts and use them to track changes in your moles over time.

Monthly mole check chart.

Seeking medical treatment

See your health care provider if your moles hurt, itch, ooze, bleed, thicken, or become crusty. Call your health care provider if your moles show signs of melanoma. These include a mole that has:

Four skin cancers showing asymmetry, borders, colors, and diameter.

  • Asymmetry. The sides of the mole don’t match

  • Border. The edges are ragged, notched, or blurred

  • Color. The color within the mole varies

  • Diameter. The mole is larger than 6 mm (size of a pencil eraser)

  • Evolving. The mole is getting larger or the shape or color of the mole is changing


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