Common Laparoscopic Procedures in Women

Laparoscopy is a technique for doing surgery. It uses a thin, lighted tube with a camera called a laparoscope. The scope is put through 1 small skin incision. Surgical tools are put through other small incisions. Many reproductive organ surgeries are done using this technique. The following are common reasons for laparoscopy in women.

For endometriosis

Laparoscopy can help detect and treat endometriosis. During the surgery, some or all abnormal tissue may be removed. Treatment can help relieve pain. In some cases, fertility can be restored.

For adhesions

During laparoscopy, adhesions may be found and removed. Removing them may relieve your pain. Adhesions are cut. Structures bound by the scar tissue are freed. In some cases, fertility can be restored.

Laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH)

This is a procedure that can be used to remove your uterus. Using laparoscopy, your doctor detaches the uterus from its supporting structures. The uterus is then removed through the vagina.

For ovarian cysts or tumors

An ovarian cyst or tumor can be found during laparoscopy. It may or may not be treated at the same time. Your doctor will discuss your options with you.

For fibroids

Fibroids are growths inside the uterus or within the uterine walls. They can also be found attached to the outside of the uterus. Removing fibroids can help relieve severe cramping or heavy menstrual bleeding. This can be done with laparoscopy.

For ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy may be found during laparoscopy. The fetal tissue lodged in the fallopian tube can be removed. Sometimes, all or part of the affected fallopian tube may be removed.

For infertility

Laparoscopy may help find causes of infertility. Some common causes are blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and adhesions. These problems may also be treated using laparoscopy.

Tubal ligation

Tubal ligation is done to prevent pregnancy. It can be done using laparoscopy. The doctor seals off each fallopian tube. This keeps sperm from being able to reach and fertilize an egg.

Pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence

This is a procedure that can be done to restore normal anatomy or function.


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