Staying focused in an Ever Distracting World

Stay Focused

Staying focused seems to be getting harder and harder these days among all age groups.  There are several theories as to why this is.  One thought is we have all been talk to multi-task so much that it has interfered with our natural ability to focus.   Another theory notes that technology is to blame as we are constantly being bombarded by so many different stimulating events, gadgets, and messages.    A third theory is that we are pushed beyond our normal standards for productivity in all facets of our life that there is rarely any time to simply focus on one thing for any sustained period of time.   Dr. Daniel Goleman who wrote  Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ has written a new book  Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence which tackles this issue head on.  Click here for some thoughts from Dr. Goleman on how to stay focused in our ever distracting world.


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