Choosing A Caregiver For A Dementia Patient
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Great care incorporates guaranteeing security and helping; it additionally means finding caregivers that treat the entire person and giving an atmosphere that permits the individual to feel free and safe, especially for dementia patients. A person with dementia needs a lot of attention. It is because there is a turn...
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Are We Underestimating How Much Help Aging Parents Need At Home?

    I cannot tell you how often this issue comes up with families who seek care for their parents. Families very often do not understand how much care an aging parent will need, and that giving quality care to a senior is not the same as hiring a babysitter...
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Google Focuses on Aging and Disease

Google has a new venture that focuses on aging and Disease.  The theory behind the venture is that by slowing the aging process you can limit many diseases as many illnesses appear to be the effect, not cause, of getting older.  These types of illnesses would include cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and various...
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Aging Well

We all want to age well.  Saw this article on “How to be like Betty While when you get older” and thought it gives some good pointers to keep in mind as you get older
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Planning Ahead When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s Disease

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you need to start getting their health, legal, and financial affairs in order. You want to plan for the future, if possible, with help from your loved one while they can still make decisions. You need to review all of their...
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Getting Our Loved Ones into the Holiday Spirit

The holiday season is a festive time for many, with people getting ready to spend time with family and friends, decorating the house, buying gifts. While it is easy for many of us to get into the holiday spirit, it can be a very stressful and sad time for older...
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How Do You Know If A Senior Needs A Medical Alert Device?

Often times seniors and their children wonder if they should have a Medical Alarm System (also known as a Personal Emergency Response System).  This short needs assessment can help answer this question....
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Favorite Senior Balancing Exercises

Today’s focus is balance exercises for seniors. Always consult with your physician before doing any exercise. Put one foot on the bottom step of a stair or a foot stool and stand while maintaining balance. To add a challenge in the above exercise raise arms overhead and back down 10...
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Facts about Behavior-Calming Drug for Alzheimer’s Patients
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University of Michigan researchers agree that caregiver interventions are far superior to medication when it comes to managing the troubling behaviors of Alzheimer’s disease. But, they point out; caregiver training should be incentivized through reimbursement. Read about their DICE approach here. Copyright © AgeWise, 2015...
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Sterling Care Launches New Website

New Site Offers Visitors Richer Insight into the Agency’s Progressive Approach to Care at Home as Well as a Revolutionary Learning Center Focused on Health Literacy and Patient Education Greenwich, CT – November 29, 2016 –Sterling Care – a locally owned and operated certified home health care agency, companion and...
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What is Geriatric Care Management?

Many seniors need help with life’s everyday details, such as issues related to their household, health, social activities and finances. When the family members of an older adult live far away or have obligations that preclude the attentive care they might otherwise provide, they can rely on a geriatric care manager...
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Paying For Long Term Care
Long Term Care Planning Sterling Care

Long Term Care for the elderly and those with disabilities in the United States is becoming an increasing important and large problem as the baby boomers are retiring and we are all living longer with chronic diseases. A commission created by Congress to address the country’s surging need for long-term...
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